Greg Levin is an award-winning author of contemporary fiction with a dark comedic tinge. 

Greg's first novel… meh, nobody but Greg’s parents really care about his first novel. His second novel, The Exit Man, has been optioned by Showtime for development into a TV series and won a 2015 Independent Publishers Award (a.k.a., an “IPPY”).

Greg’s third novel, Sick to Death, came out in September 2016 and has been hailed by critics everywhere as one of the top three books he has ever written. Author Craig Clevenger (The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria) says, “Sick to Death is a tour de force dark comedy.” The book earned Greg his second IPPY award.

Greg recently completed a 10-week writing workshop in Portland, Oregon, led by the great Chuck Palahniuk, who beat Greg into submission until he made all the necessary improvements to his upcoming novel, In Wolves’ Clothing.  

Greg resides with his wife, daughter and two cats in Austin, Texas. He is currently wanted by local authorities for refusing to say “y’all” or do the two-step.


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