If you truly need out and want the job done right,
you should consider using an outside expert.

Like Eli.

Eli Edelmann never intended on taking over his father's party supply store. Nor did he ever intend on making a living through mercy killing. But life doesn't always go according to plan.

After granting the desperate request of a terminally ill family friend, Eli discovers euthanasia is his true calling ... and soon finds there's quite the market for it. But how long can he keep his daring "exit" operation going before the police catch on? And what's he going to do about his volatile new girlfriend, who may or may not be a serial killer?

THE EXIT MAN has been optioned by Showtime for development into a TV series, and won a 2015 Independent Publisher Book Award (an "IPPY") for Best Adult Fiction Ebook.

“The Exit Man is black humor at its best.”

“The writing is incredibly witty. And the characters… where have you been all my life, Eli?

If you like dark humor, buy it now.”


D.E. Haggerty 

"Wow! That is really all I can say. Wow!”

“This is one of those 'If I could give higher than 5 stars, I would’ books....        Mr. Levin, I plan to read more of you."


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"A corker.... I haven’t laughed so much at
such a dark topic since Carl Hiaasen’s early days.”

“... A voice that needs to be heard."


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"Imagination-capturing and fresh, I loved every minute of It! ...”

“I highly recommend reading The Exit Man, but strongly advise: Do Not Try This At Home!"


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The opening of The exit man:

My client smiles calmly at me as I slip the clear plastic bag over his head. After fastening the bag around his neck using the attached Velcro straps, I take the tube that extends from the controlled-release nozzle of the helium tank that sits beside his armchair and place the end of the tube into the small hole in the bag. I use a couple pieces of duct tape to make sure that where the tube enters the bag is airtight.

“Comfortable?” I ask.

Two thumbs up and another smile.

I place one of my gloved hands on his knee and smile back. “I’m ready if you are.”

Another thumbs up and a nod.

I give the valve atop the helium tank nozzle a quarter turn counterclockwise to start the release of gas.

“Ave atque vale,” I say. Latin for “hail and farewell.” It’s my standard closing.

My client clasps his hands in front of him, smiles again, and mouths “Thank you” through the plastic bag before closing his eyes.

I pick up the copy of Arthur Rimbaud: The Complete Works that’s lying on the end table near my client. I sit down on the folded chair next to him and begin reading aloud from page 219 as previously instructed. Rimbaud has never been my cup of tea, but this reading isn’t about me. Besides, I won’t be reading for very long. My client will be sound asleep in less than a minute. Dead within five.




“Distinctive, appealing, and unflinchingly self-aware.
A very dark comedy indeed, about a subject
that society needs to consider.”


– Ann Warner –

author of Dreams for Stones and Persistence of Dreams

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